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“Jessica | Submit Fest | Photographer | Marketing | Music”


Photographer, designer and (creative / content) marketing professional. I'm the co-owner of Submit Fest, where I'm in charge of the marketing and where I do the bookings. As a photographer,  I've been shooting concerts, events and portraits for over 10 years. 

I graduated in Art & Design in 2009 and continued working as a freelance graphic designer ever since. Photography is what I love most, after music that is, and that's why I'm a concert and portrait photographer. Besides that I'm a live & interview coördinator for a webzine called, which I also write articles, do interviews and take photos for. I love to create my own art, and i use diverse materials for it: acryllic, oil, vinyl, toys, masks etc.


Feel free to contact me with business inqueries about photo and design work. 


My photos have been published in various webzines, websites & books (Dir en grey and Heideroosjes) . I've done work for Love Your Soul, Baroeg, Baroeg Open Air, Melkweg, Yes We Care, Gemeente Rotterdam, InHolland and bands like Papa Roach, Walkways,  SOiL, Heideroosjes, Dir en grey & District 97 among others. 

I've created designs for Submit Fest, Metalbus, Metalkrant, Electronic Arts, Miniworld Rotterdam and HearJapan among others.

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